Bibliographical Listing: Illustrated Editions of Traditional Mother Goose Rhymes

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XX on name card (with a Green Line) in book on bookshelf = traditional, but decided NOT to enter into Excel (Example: a later ed., with fewer/the same illustrations; cf. Richardson, 1915 vs. 1921 vs. 1971)

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11-20-2016 Thomas Bewick (1753-1828), illus. MG’s Melody, or, Sonnets for the Cradle. Intro. Nigel Tattersfield. Oxford: Bodleian Library, 2003. Orig. pub. 1795.


*%Illustrator unidentified. MG Rhymes with Funny Pictures for Little Folks. Brooklyn Borough-NY: Grand Union Tea Co., 1901. Artist signs each illus. with what looks like a cherry, “d,” or “o” with a stem….Could not trace.

*%Illustrator unidentified. Old King Cole and Other Rhymes. #470. NY: Sam’l Gabriel Sons, n.d. #470.

*Illustrator unidentified [back cover, Lawrence ’13, probably C.H. Lawrence; title page by C.W., possibly Constance White; border art JP.]. MG Rhymes and Melodies. #623. M.A. Donohue, [191- ].

*%Illustrator unidentified. MG. Peter Rabbit Series. NY and Akron, OH: Saalfield, [1930s?].

*%Illustrator unidentified. MG of Old. Saalfield’s Muslin Books, #933. Akron, OH and NY: Saalfield, 1929.

*%Illustrator unidentified. MG Rhymes. #1011. Racine, WI: Whitman, 1927.

*%Illustrator unidentified. MG Rhymes. #852. [New York]: Platt & Munk, 1939.

*%Illustrator unidentified. MG Nursery Rhymes. Kenosha, WI: Samuel Lowe and John Martin’s House, 1944.

*%Illustrator unidentified. My Book of Nursery Rhymes. [v. 1 and v. 2]. Bridlington, UK: Peter Haddock, n.d. [late 1980s].

*%Illustrator unidentified. Old MG Nursery Rhymes: A Picture for every Line. NY: International Paper Goods, 1926.

Ackroyd, Winifred M. (1882?-1958?). Cf. Pearse, S[usan] B[eatrice].

*%Adams, Frank. (1871-1944). The Frank Adams Book of Nursery Rhymes: Eight Coloured Plates and many other illustrations. London, Glasgow, Bombay: Blackie, n.d. [ca. 1905-1920]. ($49; 2015)

*%Adams, Frank. (1871-1944). Nursery Rhymes, Stories, and Pictures. London and Glasgow: Blackie, n.d. [ca. 1905-1920]. ($35; 2015)

*%Addams, Charles. (1912-1988). The Charles Addams MG. [New York]: Windmill, 1967.

Allen, Jonathan. Cf. Lear, Edward.

*%Anderson, Anne. (1874-1940). The Old MG Nursery Rhyme Book. NY: Thomas Nelson and Sons, [c. 1925]. ($31; 2015)

*%Angeli, Marguerite de. (1889-1987). Marguerite de Angeli’s Book of Nursery and MG Rhymes. Garden City, NY: Doubleday, 1953, 1954. ($17; 2015)

*%Ardizzone, Edward [Jeffrey Irving]. (1900-1979). Ding Dong Bell: A First Book of Nursery Rhymes. Devised by Percy [Marshall] Young (1912-2004) [musical settings] and Edward Ardizzone [illus.]. London: Dennis Dobson, 1957.

*%Atkinson, Allen. (1953-1987). MG’s Nursery Rhymes. NY: Ariel Books/Alfred A. Knopf, 1984.

*%Atkinson, Allen. (1953-1987). Jack and Jill and Other Favorites. Toronto, New York, and elsewhere, 1986. ($4; 2016)

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*%Austin, Margot (1907-1990). “MG Rhymes.” In My Brimful Book: Favorite Poems of Childhood; MG Rhymes; Animal Stories. Ed. Dana Bruce. Illus. Tasha Tudor (1915-2008) [“Favorite Poems of Childhood”], Margot Austin, Wesley Dennis (1903-1966) [“Animal Stories”]. NY: Platt & Munk, 1960. [25-48]. (2016: $20)

*%Austin, Margot (1907-1990). The Very Young MG. NY: Platt & Munk, 1963.

*%Baber, Frank. (1910-1993). Frank Baber’s MG Nursery Rhymes. Selected Ruth Spriggs. NY: Derrydale, 1976.

Banks, Eulalie. (1895-1999). Cf. Eulalie.

*%Barbaresi, Nina. The MG Book. NY and Racine, WI: Golden, 1982.

*%Barker, Cicely Mary, coll. and illus. (1895-1973). Old Rhymes for all Times. London and Glasgow: Blackie & Son, [1928]. ($117; 2015)

%Barker, Cicely Mary. A Little Book of Old Rhymes. London and Glasgow: Blackie & Son, [1936]. All rhymes and illus. here were already in 1928 ed.; 1928 has rhymes not in this 1936 ed.

*Barker, Cicely Mary, coll. and illus. A Little Book of Rhymes New and Old. London and Glasgow: Blackie & Son, [1937] ($46; 2015). Rpt. Old Rhymes for All Times. London and elsewhere: Frederick Warne, 1993.

Barney, Maginel Wright Enright. (1881-1966). See Enright, Maginal Enright.

*%Bartlett, [Mary A.] N. Gray. (1847-?). MG of ’93: photographic illustrations. Boston: Joseph Knight, 1893.

Batcheller, George Clinton. Cf. [Drayton, Grace Gebbie], [1910].

*%Battaglia, Aurelius (1910-1984). MG. A Random House PICTUREBACK. NY: Random House, 1973.

Bauer, Margaret. Cf. Evans, Katherine.

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*%Bayley, Nicola. (1949- ). Nicola Bayley’s Book of Nursery Rhymes. NY: Alfred A. Knopf, 1975. ($44; 2015)

Becker, May Lamberton. Cf. Cassell, Lilly.

*%Bedford, Francis D[onkin]. (1864-1954). A Book of Nursery Rhymes. London: Methuen, [1897]. ($115; 2016).

Benét, William Rose. (1886-1950). Cf. Duvoisin, Roger.

*%[Bennett, Juanita C.]. The Little Giant MG. 725. Racine, WI: Whitman, 1934.

*%Berrett, Lisa, Krista Brauckmann-Towns, Drew-Brook-Cormack Associates, Wendy Edelson, Jon Goodell, Kate Sturman Gorman, Judith Dufour Love, Ben Mahan, Anastasia Mitchell, Anita Nelson, Lori Nelson Field, Debbie Pinkney, Karen Pritchett, and Rosario Valderrama. Treasury of MG Rhymes. Cover illus. Wendy Edelson; border illus. Jane Chambless Wright. Lincolnwood, IL: Publications International, 1996. ($15; 1990s)

Bertail, Inez. (1911-2006, aka Inez Bertail McClintock). Cf. Kelly, Walt.

Bertail, Inez. (1911-2006, aka Inez Bertail McClintock). Cf. Tenggren, Gustaf.

*%Bestall, A[lfred] E[dmeades]. (1892-1986). MG’s Book of Nursery Rhymes. London: Frederick Warne, [c. 1935]. ($40; 2006)

*%Betts [Bains], Ethel Franklin. (1877-1959). The Complete MG. NY: Frederick A. Stokes, 1909. or better ($179; 2015)

*%Blake, Quentin. (1932- ). QB’s Nursery Rhyme Book. Orig. ed. London: Jonathan Cape, 1983. Rpt. [my copy] 1st Am. ed. NY: Harper & Row, [1984].

*%Boswell, Hilda. (1903-1976). Hilda Boswell’s Treasury of Nursery Rhymes. London, Glasgow: Collins, 1959. ($20; 2015)

Brauckmann-Towns, Krista. Cf. Berrett, Lisa.

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*%Briggs, Raymond. (1934- ). The MG Treasury. London: Hamish Hamilton, 1966 [mine is a 1979 reprint]. Rpt. 1st Am. ed. NY: Coward-McCann, 1966. I have both, and pagination is identical.

Broadhurst, Jean (1873- ). Cf. Read, E. J.

Broadwood, Lucy E[theldred]. (1858-1929). Cf. Wheeler, Dorothy M[uriel].

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*%Brooke, L[eonard] Leslie. Ring O’ Roses: A Nursery Rhyme Picture Book. London and NY: Frederick Warne, [1900?]. ($15; 2015)

*%Brooke, L[eonard] Leslie. Nursery Rhymes. London and NY: Frederick Warne, n.d. [1916?].

Browne, Gordon [Frederick] (1858-1932), R[osamund] Marriott Watson (1860-1911), L[ucy] L. Weedon and others [not identified]. MG: Complete Rhymes and Jingles. NY: A.L. Burt, n.d. (ca. 1900). ($100; 2016)

Brauckmann-Towns, Krista et al. Publications Int’l, 1996. 11 vols. Discarded. Separate vols.

Bruce, Dana. Cf. Austin, Margot.

Bullard, Carrie. Cf. Hill, Mabel Betsy.

Bunny. Cf. [Schultze, Carl Edward].

Burd, C[lara] M[iller]. (1873-1933). Cf. Eulalie.

*%Burd, C[lara]. M[iller] (1873- 1933) and Violet Moore Higgins (1886-1967). MG Nursery Rhymes. Compil. Margaret I. Hosie. Chicago: Stanton and Van Vliet, 1919. ($30; 2015)

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Cooper, Marjorie. Cf Margie.

%Cory [Cooney], Fanny Y[oung]. (1877-1972). The Fanny Cory MG: MG Rhymes and Jingles. NY: Bobbs-Merrill, 1913. ($181; 2016). [color plates in correct order but inserted between wrong pages of text; and some only repro in b&w].

*%Cousins, Lucy. The Little Dog Laughed and other Nursery Rhymes. NY, London and elsewhere: Puffin Unicorn/Penguin Group, 1989.

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*Crane, Walter. The Baby’s Bouquet: A Fresh Bunch of Old Rhymes & Tunes. Tunes Coll. and Arr., L[ucy] C[rane]. Cut and Printed in Colours, Edmund Evans. London: Routledge 1878. Rpt. London and NY: Frederick Warne, n.d. my copy.

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*%Crews, Nina. (1963- ). The Neighborhood MG. NY: Greenwillow/HarperCollins, 2004.0hpor97209

Curtis, Elizabeth. Cf. Choate, Florence.

Dalgliesh, Alice. (1893-1979). Cf. Françoise.

*%Dalziel Brothers et al. MG; or, National Nursery Rhymes and Nursery Songs Set to original Music by J.W. Elliot [(1833-1915)]: with illustrations, engraved by the Brothers Dalziel. London: Novello, Ewer, 1870. With engravings by the Dalziel brothers—(George (1815-1902) and E[dward] (1817-1905)—E[dward] G[urden] (1849-1888), T[homas] B[olto] G[ilchrist] (1823-1906), F[rancis] A[rthur] Fraser (1846-1924), H[arry] French (active 1870s), C[harles?] Green (1840-1898), E[rnest] H[enry] Griset (1844-1907), A[rthur] B[oyd] Houghton (1836-1875), A[rthur] Hughes (1832-1915), J[ames] Mahoney (1816-1879), H[enry] S[tacy] Marks (1829-1898), G[eorge] J[ohn] Pinwell (1842-1875), W[illiam] Small (1843-1929), F.S. Walker, W. J. Wiegand (active 1870s), J[ohann] B[aptist] Zwecker (1814-1876). Illus. in this vol. prompted “Mother Goose,” Scribners 1873: 250-54, as some are repr. there. Article in folder. Rpt. NY: GW Carleton; London: George Routledge and Sons, 1873. Rpt. NY Novello, Ewer and Co.; London: George Routledge and Sons, [c. 1898].;

*%Del, Howard [cover illus.] [Justin H. Howard?]. (active 1856-1876). MG’s Chimes. Other illustrations unsigned (2 signed by Arnold s [?] NY?) NY: McLoughlin, n.d. [18–]. ($20; 2015)

*%Dempster, Al (1911-2001) and the Walt Disney Studio, adapted by. Walt Disney’s MG. A Little Golden Book. NY: Golden Books; Racine, WI: Western, 1949/1952.

Dennis, Wesley (1903-1966). Cf. Austin, Margot.

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*%Dorne, Maxwell and Bill Sass, Art work and Claytoons. MG. Color phot. M. Dorne. NY: Random House, 1949.

*%Drayton, Grace Gebbie [aka Grace Gebbie Wiederseim], unattributed. (1877-1936). Golden Hours from MG. Ed. George Clinton Batcheller. Philadelphia: Sunshine Printery, [ca. 1909]. Same cover, but different color plates than publication with same title.

*%Drayton, Grace Gebbie [aka Grace Gebbie Wiederseim], unattributed. (1877-1936). Golden Hours from MG. Ed. George Clinton Batcheller. [Philadelphia]: Sunshine Printery, [ca. 1909]. ($45; 2015) Same cover, but different color plates than publication with same title.

*%Drayton, Grace G[ebbie] [aka Grace Gebbie Wiederseim]. (1877-1936). Nursery Rhymes from MG. NY: Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1916. ($56; 2015). Well known for drawing the Campbell Soup Kids in 1904. Also: Nursery Rhymes by MG. NY: Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1907.

Drew-Brook-Cormack Associates. Cf. Berrett, Lisa.

Drew, Louise. Cf. Francis, Jean and Louise Drew.

*%Duvoisin, Roger. (1900-1980). MG a comprehensive collection of the Rhymes made by William Rose Benét. NY: Heritage Press, 1936 (differs significantly from the 1943 ed.).

*%Duvoisin, Roger. The Famous Heritage Edition MG: a comprehensive collection of the rhymes made by William Rose Benét. NY: Heritage Press, 1943 (differs significantly from the 1936 ed.). ($30; 2015)

Edelson, Wendy. Cf. Berrett, Lisa.

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Elizabeth, Anne. Kenosha: Samuel Lowe, 1946.

Elliot, J.W. Cf. Dalziel.

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Eulalie. Cf. also Lenski, Lois and Eulalie.

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Fish, Helen Dean. Cf. Lawson, Robert.

[Fleur, Anne Elizabeth]. (1901-19–). Cf. Sari (pseud.).

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Francis, David S. (1779-1853). Cf. Munroe, Edmund.

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%Greene, Julia [also unattributed b&w ill. by: Monro S[cott] Orr (1874-1955), F. C. A. and at least one more unknown artist]. MG Nursery Rhymes. “Julia Greene, colored plates” noted on title page. [Arr. Logan Marshall [pseud. for Logan Howard-Smith (1883-1937)]. Philadelphia and Chicago: John C. Winston, 1917 ($5; 2015).

%Rpt. MG and Favorite Fairy Tales. Julia Greene, color plates, Charles Robinson (color plates), [also unattributed b&w ill. by: Monro S[cott] Orr (1874-1955), F. C. A. and at least one more unknown artist] [Arr. Logan Marshall [pseud. for Logan Howard-Smith (1883-1937)]. 2 vols. bound as 1 vol. w/ separate pagination. Philadelphia: John C. Winston, 1917. ($39; 2004)

Identical, except for the addition of four color plates by Charles Robinson (1870-1937), each inserted facing page with related rhyme. No longer “Julia Greene, colored plates” on title page. Because of these additional color plates, I list this edition in Excel separately. Or did this ed. precede the above volume? Given that only Philadelphia is listed as place of pub., very possibly.

*%Rpt. (exceptions noted below) of 1917 edition of MG Nursery Rhymes. Julia Greene, color plates, Victor Guinness, endpapers, [also unattributed b&w ill. by: Monro S[cott] Orr (1874-1955), F. C. A. and at least one more unknown artist]. Winston Clear-Type Popular Classics. Chicago, Philadelphia, and elsewhere: John C. Winston, 1917, 1928.

1928 edition: Victor Guinness, endpapers.

1928 ed.: “Ten little Indians,” pp. 56-58 (replaces 1917 ed.: “Ten little nigger boys”),

“If all the sea were one sea,” There were two cats of Kilkenny,” “Dance, little baby, dance up high,” “Once I saw a little bird,” pp. 134-135 (replaces: “There was an old woman, as I’ve heard tell”)

“A cat came fiddling out of a barn,” “I have a little sister, they call her Peep Peep,” “Dogs in the garden catch ‘em Towser,” p. 209 (replaces: “Little Betty Blue lived in a lane”)

“My dear, do you know, how a long time ago,” p. 254 (replaces: “Please to remember the fifth of November”).

Between 1917 and 1928, a few rhymes were dropped because they contained obviously objectionable material. Because of these changes (and the resultant changed illustrations), I list in Excel the 1917 edition and the 1928 edition separately.

Griset, Ernest Henry (1844-1907). Cf. Dalziel Brothers et al.

Grover, Eulalie Osgood. (1873-1958). Cf. Richardson, Frederick.

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Guinness, Victor. Cf. Greene, Julia.

Gurden, Edward (1849-1888). Cf. Dalziel Brothers et al.

Gurney, John. Cf. Eisen, Armand, ed.

Gurney, W. Cf. Eulalie.

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In Lois Lenski’s MG there are the same rhymes, pagination, and illustrations—although some are in b&w that are in color in Jack Horner’s Pie. In Jack Horner’s Pie, in the color illustrations, yellow is an added color not in Lois Lenski’s MG. Indications are that Jack Horner’s Pie precedes Lois Lenski’s MG.

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Several worldcat libraries note 51 unnumbered pages, but also [1928/1929] and [1934] printings which appear to have the same illustrations as the [1918] printing.   Rochester Institute of Technology has an archive of Roycrofters publications. My copy has an inscription dated 1928.

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I regard the 1932 reprint as the most complete version—because it has the most color pictures with six—and it is the one I entered into Excel, even though it is likely the rhymes and line drawings are identical to the 1920 edition and so in Excel I have “Pearse/Ackroyd, 1920.” The 1932 repr. notes also reprints in 1925, 1926, 1928, 1930, Mar. 1932, and Oct. 1932. Tracking down all known reprints on the off chance there are more or different color pictures is unfeasible. In the 1932 and 1935 eds. the frontispiece is the same, but then the color pictures seem inserted randomly (not with the rhyme anywhere near the color picture).

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I have two copies—same ill. on cover but with different binding of book with same title–different number of pages, rhymes in different order. Worldcat lists this title; and yet libraries also have copies with varying numbers of pages. The 60pp. version duplicates both rhymes and illustrations, oddly enough.

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The illustrations are always the same as in the original1915-ed. [same in number though??]; what changes are the rhymes without illustrations. For example, there are 139 more un-illustrated rhymes in the 1971 ed. than in the 1915 ed.

Robinson, Charles (1870-1937). Cf. Greene, Julia.

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There are no additional illustrations in MG Rhymes and other poems of childhood and so it should be regarded as: rpt. rev. ed. of the 1946 publication. There are also poems by R. L. Stevenson and others in this ed.

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Various. Tail Feathers from MG. The Opie Rhyme Book. Little, Brown, 1988. Illus. too many to list here, and all are contemporary, but inside back cover illus. listed

Various. W.B. Conke, 1890s.

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